32 pages


  • Valentina Minayeva Kusudamas
  • The Hidden Mathematical Aspects of Origami by Matthias G. Yee
  • The Child is Father of the Man by Andrea Rincon
  • Curves of Steel by Ema Tanigaki
  • Farewell Max by Nick Robinson
  • Larry Hart obituary from British Origami Society
  • Following the Paper Trail by Scott Gold

From the Home Office

  • President's Letter
  • The Making of the Holiday Tree in Challenging Times
  • World Origami Days 2020
  • Photo Contest Winners
  • Larry Davis obituary by Gay Merrill Gross
  • News from The Source
  • Origami Connect


  • Arabian Dhow by Ancella Simoes
  • Zoe's Swirl by Ancella Simoes
  • Pureland Sailboat by Gareth Louis
  • Snail in Love by Adriano Mariani
  • Alpine by Edward Mistretta
  • Anchor by Valentina Minayeva