32 pages


  • A Spectacular Museum Tradition
  • The Flight of the Orchid, by Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva
  • One Million Origami Birds, by Peter Engel
  • Paperfolders Need Lots of Fiber, by James Lucas
  • Special Techniques for Special Needs, by Scott Gold


  • President's Letter
  • Vounteers for the Holiday Tree
  • Annual Gift Contributors
  • Obituary: Kiyo Yoshizawa, by June Sakamoto
  • Obituary: Loretta White, by Andrea Brecker and Ros Joyce
  • News from The Source
  • Origami Connect


  • Anatolian Orchid, by Kunsulu Jilkishiyeva
  • Ballena (Whale), by Daniel Bermejo Sánchez
  • Magnolia Stellata, by Nilva Fina Pillan