20 pages


Photograph of striped angelfish on Museum tree.


  • Schools of Angelfish Visit the Museum, with list of all contributors
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Diagramming Technique and Symbol Language: II. Who Knows Best? by David Shall
  • Origami By Children (1987 List of contributors, their ages and models folded)
  • Book Reviews by Mark Kennedy
    • Complete Origami by Eric Kenneway
    • Fiori In Origami by Guido Gazzera
    • Origami Moderno by J.M. Sakoda (Modern Origami, translated into Italian)
    • Origami Animati by Franco Pavarin
    • Aerei Jet ed Astronavi di Carta Volanti by Franco Pavarin
    • Origami per tutti by Guido Gazzera
    • Invito All'Origami by Enio Capra
  • News From The Supply Center


  • Editorigami by Ted Bond, Editor
  • News From The Home Office
    • Come Forward And Share (Announcements for Convention 1988)
    • Shining Alice...Take Good Care (Get well wishes to Alice Gray, after heart surgery)
    • Hands On at the American Museum (1,000 Museum members attend 60 classes by Friends volunteers)
    • Cards Disappear As Membership Skyrockets.
    • Special Sessions (announcement)
    • Origami on the Rocks? (Origami in Sydney, Australia)
    • Monthly Folding Meeting
    • Thank You Don Shall and Barbara Hofer (Finishing one year effort; brought newsletter into computer age)
  • News From Members
    • The Davis Origami Man: Tom Vinik
    • Bugs In The System (Photo of insect models folded by Mark Kennedy)
    • Morigami by Norma Coblenz (Continued glossary of origami non-words)
    • From Twigs Grow Trees by Sherry Ringler (Annual Winter Bazaar, Springfield, OH)
    • Published! (Two origami stories by Gay Merrill Gross appear in The Family Storytelling Handbook)
  • News from Regional Origami Groups
    • Regional Groups and Meetings (List)
    • Reports From: New Jersey Mini-Convention; CHAOS; Ocali florida Folding; PINE; AASO
    • FOLD (A bi-monthly members only Amateur Press Alliance)
  • International News
    • Reports from Great Britain; Belgium (Marcus Cooman)
    • Obituary: Narciso Sanchez, President of Centro Latino de Origami (Peru)


  • Goose by Mark Kennedy
  • The Triangular Unit: For Tetrahedrons, Octahedrons and Icosahedrons by James M. Sakoda, annotations by Mark Kennedy
  • Easy Envelope Folds by Bob Roos
  • Bonbonniere by Francois Ziegler, diagrams and annotations by Mark Kennedy from the author's originals, 1987